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Nautic Von Horn HS 110623.jpg

Nautic Von Horn


6' 1"

195 lbs

45 - 60 age range

My Story

Theatre Acting Degree from the esteemed UCSD Theatre Program begun by Arthur Wagner, but it was actually a chance meeting with the famous director John Huston that set me on my path when I was 16.  I was selected as a "featured extra" on a pick-up day for John Huston's last film, Victory. Huston was, to me, just a fascinating old man breathing from an oxygen tank.  He and I sat together under some pine trees for close to two hours, talking about life.  He urged me to always follow my dreams regardless of what others are afraid of.  


Notable theatre teachers in college included Eric Christmas and Luther James, both of whom stressed how vital it is for an actor to push as hard as possible to train and commit to each character.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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