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From running light and sound boards on stage productions, to hanging/focusing lights, designing & constructing sets, building props ... it's all good!  I'm proud to be a "Techie".  Any day on set (in front or behind of the camera) is better than any day off set, right?

I consider myself an ALL-AROUND HELPFUL GUY to have on set. I'm a team player who stays focussed on getting the mission done (while also allowing people to still have the right amount of fun!), and I have worked on film sets as:

1AD (First Assistant Director)
DP (Director of Photography)

2AC (2nd Assistant Camera)
Script Doctor
Script Supervisor​
Location Scout / Manager
Set Design / Construction

How can I help you??  

My goals are to LEARN from every person / every situation / every production, so that I'm better tomorrow than I am today, to CREATE film / television content we can be proud of, and to HAVE FUN in the process.  If you agree on these three goals, I will be happy to help you accomplish your dreams!
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