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FILMS by nautic productions

I'm always working on more films! 
Now in Colorado … whew! so much FUN!

Actors? Crew? Want to join in on the FUN?

Contact me and LET'S MAKE MOVIES!!

UPCOMING FILMS by nautic productions

Just a Letter Opener

15 minute short. What happens when an older jaded mobster becomes infuriated with his impetuous young henchman? This script was a Semi-Finalist in the Florida Short Script Contest. Hoping to film soon.

Poster 1.jpg
Just a l o SF laurel.jpg

Avatar II

Time to Quit

Script. 12 minute short. Yes, the sequel to Avatar. Well, a parody anyway. Should be a viral hit!

Script. 30 minute short. Groundhog Day gone wrong. Fast paced action film, with a large cast. Fortunately, I have a VERY beautiful woman interested in one of the leads ...

Trawler Sunsets

Script. 30 minute short. True love transcends death. This is the most beautiful love story, and the saddest ever. Casting is complete, other than extras and one supporting character: male 60+ who can row a boat, jump off a boat, and swim.

Finding Kevin

A feature-length documentary about indie filmmakers between Florida and New York, in search of the next Kevin Smith. Early stages of post-production.

completed films

Anchor 1
Poster 1b.jpg

Award-winning "Carrots" (2021) about a psychologist interested only in his burrito.

Best Actor - 4th Annual Sigmund Freud Film Festival and Challenge - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 4th Annual Sigmund Freud Film Festival and Challenge - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Central Florida ShortNight - CFSN - 2021.png
"'Twas the Night"
Poster 2c.jpg
Best FX - Creature Feature Competition  Festival - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Creature Feature Competition  Festival - 2020.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tampa Bay Motion Picture Industry Professionals Independent Film Fest

"Message for Colonel Heifner"

Message - Poster b.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Silver Screen for S
Marina del Rey Film Festival Official Se
OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time Filmmake
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Creature Feature Fi
OFFICIAL SELECTION - MoziMotion - 2019.p

"3 Wishes"

3 Wishes - poster b.jpg
CF Best Performance white.png
CF selection white.png


Feature film now available on Amazon and other sites. I had a supporting role as Defense Attorney Chadwick Stills, AND also served as 1AD on the production, PLUS I worked on the script so much I earned a Script Doctor credit. This feature was filmed in the Tampa / St. Petersburg area May - August 2019. Check the Fun page for behind the scenes shots!


The Refund - written by Nautic Von Horn

15 minute short. 1st Place Winner of the 2019 Tampa Bay Film Society script contest. Can you get a refund from a drug dealer??  Filmed by the Tampa Bayt Film Society.  Chuck Durbin directed.

Poster - Refund 2.jpg
1st Place Script - Tampa Bay Film Societ
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