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I've been teaching on and off for over 30 years. It's in my blood.

In Watts, CA (yep, that Watts!) I was an 8th grade Science Teacher. Before then, I was a Teaching Assistant in college, where I helped teach a Theatre Set Design course, and then a teaching assistant again in Law School for Legal Writing. And now, for the last few years I've been teaching online acting classes to adults and teens.

I teach a variety of acting skills, including monologues, teleprompter, voice over, and audition prep. And, spoiler alert, it's all about emotion.

If you are interested in acting instruction, contact me. My calendar is pretty full but there's always a new class forming! Classes currently run from 6-8 and 8:30-10:30 on Tuesday evenings. The Tuesday program is a 10-week course for $1,000 (which is low at only $50/hour of instruction), and we work primarily on monologues. Then 6-9 on Wednesdays is for audition practice, which works on a subscription basis for $100/month - join and quit anytime.  

Come join the fun!

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