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Award Winning!

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Carrots actor Tatiana Marie
Best Actor
@ The Sigmund Freud Film Festival

This film project was incredible fun. We ran the production as a CONTEST -- the first of its kind. Actors filmed themselves (during COVID19 quarantine) and submitted there footage. Over 180 actors entered the contest. We had a hard time judging from the many submissions, and (after delays related to COVID19, cranky computers, lack of funds, and everything else that made 2020 generally suck) eventually 3 winners were selected. 


Janice Lee Horn for the role of "Kim Vinneti"

Tatiana Marie for the role of "Max Whittles"

Nautic Von Horn for the role of "Dr. Jones"

Oh, boy. Running a contest of this sort is exhausting. I sent the script to everyone interested, asked that they self-tape themselves doing one (or more) of the roles, coordinated all of the email responses (hundreds of emails!), gave instructions on how to self-tape, collected footage, edited the film, and then put together my first ever "making of" film to document this wild ride.

As I said was likely all along, I played the doctor. Only one other actor (shout out to Werner Jauch!) was brave enough to attempt the role, but he was clearly at a disadvantage not being able to see the other contestant's work and adapt as necessary. I ended up changing the doctor's scripted lines to fit the best footage we received for Kim and Max. For example, during the footage for Kim the actor's cell phone rang; we needed to either work that into the script or disqualify her entry. 

Getting so much interest from actors around the world (London and Paris, for example) was exhilarating. Of course, I saved all the email addresses so that I can contact these actors directly for the next contest! Yes. I definitely want to do another project similar to this again!

Love ya!

~Brent  ("Nautic Von Horn" on IMDb)

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