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Shakespeare's classic comedy made easier to understand, and more fun to perform!

Rights to perform are available by contacting the author (me!) and for the first three productions I will waive the performance fee. Just contact me for details.
This play is so fun! But many people are confused by the original. I've made the plot clearer, gotten rid of small characters that aren't much fun to play, and in fact made sure that every character is A LOT OF FUN to play! Of course, I've stayed true to Shakespeare's beautiful language, and the essence of his story and plots.

Things that are different in my version:
  • Puck opens the play. He is more narrator here than in the original, although Shakespeare did give him the closing speech (Give me your hands, if we be friends!)
  • The Fairy King and Queen have much bigger parts and drive the entire plot.
  • The young lovers in the woods are each now related to the other main characters, which better ties them into the plot and gives the main characters more motivation.
  • There's a reason for Bottom to be turned into a horse, more than just Puck's whim. Other characters are also transformed by Fairy magic, some into squirrels and one into the big nut they chase.
  • The Fairies, too, are more fun, with more lines and more to do.
  • The "play within the play" is cut down considerably (since modern audiences know so little about old mythology, and care even less), while at the same time I give the clown "actors" more context at the end.

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