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My adaptations of Shakespeare's plays are true to his beautiful language, meaning that I keep his iambic pentameter rhythm and the overall poetry of his style. I do not try to modernize his words!

I update his plots and references -- since few of us understand topical references to what was happening in the 1600's, many of Shakespeare's puns no longer work. 

My goal is always to make the plays more readable, easier for modern audiences to understand, and more fun for modern actors to perform.
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Romeo & Juliet, Scene 1

original play

my adaptation

S1 Folger_Page_02.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_01.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_1.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_2.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_03.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_3.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_04.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_4.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_05.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_5.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_06.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_6.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_07.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_7.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_8.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_09.jpg
S1 mine 1_Page_9.jpg
S1 Folger_Page_08.jpg
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