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Hard Copy Headshots

Remember:  Headshots are the #1 tool for both Actors and Models.

Do you need hard copy photos?


It might seem like "dinosaur advice" in today's digital world, but you are still expected to bring a hard copy headshot (with your resume stapled to the back) to your first in-person meeting with a casting director, director, or producer who is auditioning (or hiring) you. The headshot is your gift to them. You want them to keep it! (And hopefully look at it every time they need to hire an actor.)


If you would like hard copies provided by us, we are happy to send them to you. The costs of such, including free shipping (US only), are as follows:

  • 25 prints $100  ($4.00 each)

  • 50 prints $180  ($3.60 each)

  • 75 prints $260  $3.47 each)

  • 100 prints $340  ($3.40 each)

  • 500 prints $1,500  ($3.00 each)

  • 1,000 prints $2,500  ($2.50 each)


Single image. Each additional image is priced separately.

All hard copy headshots are 8x10.  Prints are done on heavy photo paper in matte finish, which is preferred by casting directors as it does not show fingerprints as readily as does a glossy finish.

The standard (and recommended) layout for your headshots is to have the print done with a white border, and your name printed at the bottom on the right or left side of the border. Many casting directors prefer this layout, as the border gives them space in which to write notes.

Here is an example of the border and name placement:

Wood 5_edited.jpg
Nautic headshot - hard copy.jpg

We will provide a proof to you, prior to printing.  Once approved, all orders are final.

Call to Order: 813.505.0435

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