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I'm bored. I'm not busy. I want to help you. I want more friends.

Actually, I have a solid reason for offering free headshots. I want to ask you for a favor, and I'm willing to trade my time and skills to give you my $195 headshot package for ... zero. Totally free.  All I ask in return is that you do a few easy things for me:

Nautic Collage 2022 11-12 Nov Dec.jpg
Nautic Collage 2022 11-12 Nov Dec.jpg

Recommend me

PLEASE recommend me to your actor friends. No, I won't shoot their headshots for free (that deal is for a very limited number of people, which luckily includes you if you are reading this), but I will give your friends a $30 discount if they mention your name.

Nautic Collage 2022 09 Sept 2.jpg

Give me a review

In today's world it is so important to have reviews.  PLEASE give me a review - and I mean an honest review. I don't claim to be the world's best headshot photographer, but I do hope that you get results that make you happy AND that you can use to get work! I love to hear about those results!

Send your review to me by email, or post in on Nautic Productions' Facebook page:  

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Nautic Collage 2022 09 Sept 2.jpg
Nautic Collage 2022 10-11 Oct Nov.jpg
Nautic Collage 2022 10-11 Oct Nov.jpg

Remember me

You will need more headshots in the future. Come back to me! Return customers get a $50 discount AND another $20 credit for each person you've referred to me who did indeed buy headshots. Your next headshot can be FREE again.

Promise me these things, and I'll commit to getting you great headshots for FREE.

Nautic Productions

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