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Winning Audition Monologues 

For Teens and Adults
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Fifty original monologues for film, television and theatre auditions, each one to two minutes in length. Written by an actor for actors. Winning monologues designed to show casting directors that you can become a character and express the emotions of that character. Plus tips on how to perform each monologue for the win.

These original monologues include a wide variety of emotions and situations, such as a boy describing how he almost died the one and only time he got into a deep conversation with another boy, a man willing to battle gangsters to find his missing sister, a teenager who just learned that Mom hid Dad's suicide letter, a customer charged too little for her shirts, a woman horrified to realize her panties are mixed in with a hunk's laundry, and even a dog telling his master that he doesn't have to go right now. Most can be easily adapted to change gender and age references.

Make a memorable splash at your next audition!

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