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Doable Shakespeare

Rights to Perform on Stage

I want my adaptations to be performed on stage. For a license to do so, I ask only for a few things:

1.)   Buy at least 10 copies of the paperback book (total less than $100).


2.)   Email me for permission:  And send me pictures.

3.)   Give me credit as the author of the adaptation.



You'll need at least 10 copies of the script for your actors. Giving them the book will thrill them; or you can ask them to buy it - that's OK, too. The book is written with actors in mind, so there's plenty of room to write notes around dialogue, and even some guidance on character development.

I need to keep track of who, where and when.  And I LOVE collecting pictures of these productions!

Of course these are still Shakespeare's plays. All I want is a mention. Something like "Adaptation by Brent Nautic Von Horn" is fine. If you use the title "Doable ________" then please say "By Brent Nautic Von Horn". Questions? email me.

But wait! Isn't Shakespeare public domain?

Sure, it is. That's how I'm able to re-write his works. You can perform the original plays without getting a license, because they are in the public domain. (Anything written prior to 1924.) You can also re-write Shakespeare as you see fit. I tell you, though, it takes a lot of time and sweat to do so. As you can see in the side-by-side comparison I posted, in order to make these plays more accessible to modern audiences (and actors), I've had to change a lot.

These "Doable" versions are my copyrighted work. I didn't do them for money (it will take many book sales to just recoup the cost of doing these adaptations); I did them because too many people don't even try Shakespeare, or they try but give up too early slogging through his language, trying to understand. Helping to revive a love of Shakespeare's works is a dream of mine.




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