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Going BIG TIME now! Shorts "Carrots" and "Out of Bounds" have been submitted to SAG-AFTRA as Short Projects. Paperwork is pending.

What does this mean?

It means:

SAG-AFTRA actors can now participate in these films.


Added status for all of us who get to say "I'm working on a SAG film."

Added paperwork for all of us.


I'll have to look into "waivers" to see if short projects count toward helping you become SAG-AFTRA eligible.

As Nautic Productions grows and we all learn more, we will learn to comply with such union requirements as regular meals, paid parking, and so forth. 

It doesn't mean:

Sorry, still no pay.


"Deferred Pay" for SAG-AFTRA actors, and if by some stroke of phenomenal fortune any of these projects turns a profit, I will gladly pay the deferred pay. But realistically … that pay's gonna be deferred for a loooong time.











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