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Virtual Headshots?

I laughed out loud (in actual fact) when first hearing about "virtual headshots". But then I tried it. ... And WOW. It works. It really works. But there is a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to get your headshots taken virtually. Let's start with what it IS NOT:

If you do a Google search, you'll probably come up with companies that advertise "virtual headshots" but all they do is ask you to send in a picture that you took of yourself (or a friend took of you) and the company will erase or blur the background, then send that picture back to you.  Whoopee. That is NOT what I mean at all.

With me, you get a full PHOTO SHOOT! I am the photographer. I will help you with lighting, angles, hair, wardrobe, expressions, posing, character, looks, and so on. It is as if you went into a photographer's studio ... except you didn't. This is a totally new process, and it's worth trying!

It works by having you set up your cellphone camera on a tripod or other support. The pictures are taken on your own camera, and then uploaded into the cloud after the shoot. This is done using a couple different FREE apps (my current favorite is called "The Shutter App") that you download. Then we "meet" through a Zoom call, and do the shoot. After the shoot, all of the pictures upload from your camera into the cloud, so that I can download them and then turn them into audition-winning headshots.

The true magic of the art is done first, when the photographer works with you to elicit the right expressions and "looks" from you. Let's face it, an app can't do that -- even most photographers can't do that. And then further magic is done when the photographer creates the headshots from the raw photographs. Again, this is an art, not a science, and many photographers are clueless.

Examples? The headshots below were all taken by me virtually. If you like what you see, trust the process.


Whether you are looking for commercial headshots or theatrical (legit) headshots, going virtual is worth trying!

I am a professional photographer AND actor. I know what you need.

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