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The Virtual Process


Virtual headshots -- it's something new. And, something people have a hard time accepting, because people misunderstand and assume the results can't possibly be any good. But actually, the results can be amazing! 

Click HERE for more information about virtual headshots.

If you want to try, call / text / email me and we will schedule a session. The coolest thing is you can be ANYWHERE, and you can shoot from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You no longer have to haul your clothes around town, or wait with a bunch of strangers for your timeslot in front of the camera.



Brent Nautic Von Horn

Nautic is my real middle name!  LOL  People always ask, and since I'm a nautical kind of guy (sailboats, kayaks, scuba) it doesn't surprise me when people think it's a fake name.  Then again, what's wrong with a pseudonym?  Think of it as my stage name.  *grin*

I got my Theatre Degree from UCSD in San Diego.  Acting is FUN but I've found more opportunities behind the stage, and behind the camera. I made a name for myself hanging and focusing lights -- plus a little set design / construction, sound, and even a short stint in LA as Assistant AC for Paragon Arts. Recently 1AD on a SAG feature film in Florida.  


Along the way I started long ago taking headshots of actors.  I found I have a knack at helping actors get the shots they need for their career development.  I think that's because my theatre / film background allows me to understand both sides of the camera.  

Headshots are the most important tool for an actor. It pays to have a photographer that knows what you need.

It's really all about the fun.  Come have fun, and see what magic shots we can get!


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Let's shoot!

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