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The Process


My studio room has multiple backdrops and is just the right size for headshots. 

Always one actor at a time, because getting the right shots takes work. (It's OK to bring a friend to help you dress.) 

We'll take time discussing what looks you want, and then take our time shooting. Expect a couple hours.

I will then send you the rough shots (no editing) and ask you to select your favorites. Those I edit for you.



Brent "Nautic" Von Horn

Yes, Nautic is my real middle name!  LOL  People always ask, and since I'm a nautical kind of guy (sailboats, kayaks, scuba) it doesn't surprise me when people think it's a fake name.  Then again, what's wrong with a pseudonym?  Think of it as my stage name.  *grin*

I got my Theatre Degree from UCSD in San Diego.  Acting is FUN but I've found more opportunities behind the stage. I made a name for myself hanging and focusing lights -- plus a little set design / construction, sound, and even a short stint in LA as Assistant AC for Paragon Arts. Recently 1AD on a SAG feature in Florida.  


Along the way I started taking headshots of actors.  I found I have a knack at helping actors get the shots they need for their career development.  I think that's because my theatre / film background allows me to understand both sides of the camera.  

Headshots are the most important tool for an actor. It pays to have a photographer that knows what you need.

It's really all about the fun.  Come have fun, and see what magic shots we can get!


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