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Shakespeare's classic comedy made easier to understand, and more fun to perform!

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Rights to perform are available by contacting the author (me!) and I may waive the performance fee for the first few productions. Just contact me for details.
My goal is to bring Shakespeare alive for modern times, without losing everything that makes his writings so magical.  The Tempest is a beautiful story, with magical and fearful elements, alongside the clown characters.  It's meant to please the masses, not just entertain those wanting long poetical verses.

Things that are different in my version:

  • Prospero has a new Prologue.  He moves the plot and so should begin the play.
  • Dialogue is shortened throughout to help with the chaotic / fun pace of the story.
  • The Spirits, led by Ariel, are given more to do.  It would be great fun to play the Spirits!  Likewise, Ariel (as one of Shakespeare's best characters ever) is a larger role here.
Email me for a free sample of the text!

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