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Shakespeare's classic comedy made easier to understand, and more fun to perform!

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Rights to perform are available by contacting the author (me!) and I may waive the performance fee for the first few productions. Just contact me for details.
My goal is to bring Shakespeare alive for modern times, without losing everything that makes his writings so magical.  Twelfth Night is a beautiful little story.  It's a simple, fun-filled romp, full of obvious mis-identifications and stupid characters that the audience can easily laugh along with.  It is the simplicity of the story that conflicts, now, in today's world, with the complexity most people struggle with when encountering Shakespeare.

Things that are different in my version:

  • The biggest change is the expansion of the Fool's role.  Feste (the Fool) opens the play, and each Act, and then gives an Epilogue.  Feste is more like the mischievous Puck (Midsummer Night's Dream), and much more fun to play now!
  • At the end, the whole cast joins in singing what was before just Feste's song.   Oh, what fun for all.
  • And the language has been streamlined throughout, to make it more palatable for our times.
Email me for a free sample of the text!

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