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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "virtual headshot"?

Same as "regular headshots" except you and the photographer only meet "virtually". But the results can be as good as if you went into the photographer's studio. Look at the end results -- look at the headshots in my portfolio, almost all of which were shot virtually.

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Why is getting a good headshot so important?

Headshots are the Actor's #1 Tool (and the Model's #1 Tool, too) and should always represent you at your best. Actors and Models are always trying to get a better headshot, one that a casting director will pick up and say, "Here's the person we need!"

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What is a "good headshot"?

One that shows how wonderful you are AND makes a casting director want to meet you. It's hard to put into words, but you can learn to see what makes a headshot "good". I recommend that you look at a Facebook page called "Headshot Critique for Actors" where you can see both good and bad headshots, and see comments from industry professionals explaining why "good" or "bad".

How many headshots do I need?

As many as you can get!  Honestly, the real answer is that you should consider what type of role you are going for and submit a fitting headshot.  At a minimum, you should have a "commercial" headshot, which is where you are smiling into the camera with a sparkle in your eyes that shows how wonderful you are.  AND you should have a "legit" or "theatrical" headshot that is darker, moodier, edgier, more artsy, etc.  From there you can explore other types of headshots.

Are there different types of headshots?

Yes.  When people talk about different types of headshots, they can actually mean two things.

First, there are multiple types of headshots. The primary headshot is typically the "commercial headshot" which is characterized by a big open smile and a happy / confident / approachable expression. Next common is the "legit headshot" also called "theatrical headshot" that is usually darker, edgier, with some expression other than a big smile. Then there are less frequently seen types, such as "grunge", "casual family", or "professional".

Second, there are multiple types of characters that actors try to show in headshots. These are also called "looks". Actors try to match the look in their headshot with the character for which they are auditioning.

Before you shoot, you should talk with your photographer about the type(s) you want. While you shoot, you should put the character in your mind to get fitting expressions.

How can I tell a "good" photographer?

By their work. Look at their portfolio of headshots. If you like them, then that is a good photographer for you, since you can expect to get similar shots. Don't look at their other work, such as school portraits, wedding pictures, or anything else -- if you are dealing with a good headshot photographer, they should have plenty of good headshots of actors for you to look at!

You should also talk to the photographer about what looks you want. If the photographer doesn't understand what you mean by "looks", then that is not a good photographer for you.

A good photographer will make you feel comfortable before and during the shoot, because they know how important it is that you relax and be natural. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, find a different photographer.

If and when you find a good photographer, then consider going back to that person when you need to update your shots, or if you want to explore different looks. Some photographers (like me!) offer discounts for returning customers.

What are the typical costs for getting good headshots?

Prices for good photography vary in different markets around the country, but typically you'll pay from $350 to $900 for the kind of headshots an actor needs. You can hire "someone with a camera" for much less -- but you get what you pay for in that case, and probably would have to reshoot anyway. You can pay much more (there are some celebrity photographers that charge over $3,000 for a single session), and perhaps when you get to the level of A-List actors you should do that -- but not yet.

What do you charge?

My 2023 package for virtual headshots is $200 which will get you the kind of industry-standard headshots that WOW casting directors. Satisfaction guaranteed! My in-studio price is $550, because in-studio always involves much more of my time. 

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Do you offer discounts?

Yes, on future work. You will always need more headshots in the future (if you change anything about your description, or just because you get a bit older, or because you want to explore new types / looks) and when that time comes I will shoot more headshots for you at a discount of $50 off the then-current pricing. If you want to lock in today's pricing for future work, you can get yourself a gift card.

Another way to get discounted headshots is through my referral program. For each person you refer who orders headshots, I will give you a $50 credit. Refer enough people and your headshots can be totally free.

What does "Satisfaction Guaranteed" mean?

If you are not happy for any reason, I will reshoot and send you a whole new batch of headshots to use. This is a one-time guarantee. Look at my portfolio and choose me with the confidence of knowing that I will get you pictures that are just as good!

I've never shot before, and I'm nervous, so ... what do I do?

When you get in front of a camera, you need to remember that a headshot is not just a pretty picture of your face -- it is more a picture of your personality! So keep your brain engaged. Don't smile with blank empty eyes. Instead, think about who you are, about the characters you want to play. This is how you get different "looks", different expressions, different vibes. And don't worry -- a good photographer will help you relax and feel at ease, and will lead you through different poses and seek to get different expressions from you. My best advice: just have fun with the process!

How do I schedule a headshot session?

Just call me, text me, or email me. 813.505.0435

Is that ratatouille in the background of this page?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. I love ratatouille and I made this myself!

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